Chairman's Message




1. RAOWA was established in the year 1982 with a view to render welfare services to the Retired Officers of the Armed Forces and their families. Over a period of time RAOWA has grown quite large and its membership as it stands today is over 3,700 and increasing.

2. With the growth of RAOWA and its evolution into the 21st Century, the scope of Welfare related spectrum and challenges have also increased manifold. Social dynamics have changed significantly and with it the problems and expectations of Members has also increased many times.

3. We at RAOWA are quite aware of the magnitude of the scope and challenges; and at the same time constantly making endeavour to meet the challenges and improve the quality and quantity of services to RAOWA members.

4. Recently one of our RAOWA Member R#2817 Maj Md Mehedi Firoz Khan passed away on 17 Jul 2017. We faced a new situation when we found out that his wife also passed away couple of years back leaving behind two minor children. To resolve this issue RAOWA arranged an Emergency EC Meeting to help the orphans on a long term basis. Since it was anisolated and unique case, it was resolved as such, but the EC opined that we need a permanent and sustainable solution to help the RAOWA Members and families who are in need of help. Moreover, RAOWA may render more services to its members and their families which are not currently in practice.

5. In view of the above, RAOWA EC in that Emergency Meeting decided to initiate a permanent RAOWA Help Service that will provide necessary help and support as far as RAOWA capability permits. The EC unanimously opined that R #418 Brig Gen Sharif Aziz, psc; Managing Director, Elite Force would be a good choice to lead such a help service with his keen interest in RAOWA affairs, his dynamism, compassion and connections.

6. I, on behalf of RAOWA EC, requestedhim to act as the Convener of RAOWA Help Service Sub Committee with R # 2844 Cdr Nasimul Gani, (E), afwc, psc, BN, Member Gen-2 as the Member Secretary of the Sub Committee. We offered him the liberty to choose suitable members (RAOWA Members) to form the Sub Committee.

7. I am extremely glad and happy to inform you that Brig Gen Sharif Aziz, psc has kindly accepted the proposal, made a tentative list of members including areas of services that may be rendered to members. (Informally, RAOWA Help Service already has started working).

8. In the next available EC Meeting, we will formalize the RAOWA HELP SERVICE.RAOWA Sectt will provide all admin support (Office and secretarial service etc.).

9. I, earnestly hope that all RAOWA Members would extend their support and help to Brig Gen Sharif Aziz and his team in making the RAOWA HELP SERVICE an effective and helpful platform that would take RAOWA to a greater height and render help services to those who really need it badly.








1. Honourable Members, Assalamualaikum. Please accept my greetings. This is my first communication with you all on this website. Here on this page you’ll hear from me: my thoughts, my vision, my difficulties, my explanations, etc.

2. Ever since I assumed the office of Chairman, RAOWA in Jan 2017, I felt very strongly the absence of means of communication with the members. There is routine system of sms service, courier service, e-mail etc. But those are not adequate or suitable for the purpose of meaningfully communicating with the members. Then there is RAFM and ROADS in the Facebook, which are not appropriate for Chairman to use since those are not exclusive RAOWA Forum and non-RAOWA Members are there too.


3. So, my option was to have a very smart RAOWA Website and exclusive Facebook forum for RAOWA Members only. In our First EC Meetings we decided to have these two platforms and the responsibility was given to the Member, Welfare (Lt Cdr Foisal Mehdi) to organize them. He is still working on them, but, unfortunately it is taking too long and yet to be materialized.  Out of my desperation and urgency, I’ve decided to revive the existing website, which is not that smart, not up to date, but partially will serve the purpose.

4. Here I’ll apprise you on various issues, which all members have right to know, share my thoughts, problems, forecast of upcoming events, update on ongoing issues, etc. Each posting will have a Title (like this post is titled "Introduction"), so that one can refer easily in the future. Some Titles may have several parts considering the length and/or complexity of the issue.

5. My apologies that it took so long to get back to you. But next posting will help you understand my limitations, may be then you’ll forgive me. I think “better late than never” may be an acceptable excuse to you all. I’m not sure yet, how much it’ll satisfy the members’ queries/quests/expectation; but let’s start and see how it goes.

6. My next postings will be addressing the following subjects/issues, but may not be in the same order:

  • My Initial Experience and Difficulties.
  • Iqbal Hossain Catering Service (IHCS) Saga.
  • RAOWA Constitutional Issue.
  • RAOWA Secretariat and Its Organisational Weaknesses.
  • Case of EXIM Bank Loan.
  • Case of Project Builders Ltd. (PBL).
  • Case of Skyline Restaurant.
  • Accounts and Transparency.
  • Case of Maj Wahid’s Membership.
  • Many more.

Wish you well and best regards to you all.