Chairman's Message


1.         Honourable Members, Assalamualaikum. Please accept my greetings. This is my first communication with you all on this website. Here on this page you’ll hear from me, my thoughts, my vision, my difficulties, my explanations, etc.

2.         Ever since I assumed the office of Chairman, RAOWA in Jan 2019, I felt very strongly the absence of means of communication with the members. There is routine system of SMS service, courier service, e-mail etc. But those are not adequate or suitable for the issues to be addressed to the all RAOWA members. I want to promote RAOWA as an association not only as club as now is colloquially known as RAOWA Club. After taking over I have initiated following welfare services:

a.         We have reviewed the steps taken in case of death of a member. SOP has been prepared and circulated. Introduced sending 25 persons food to the deceased family inside the Dhaka city.

b.         We have introduced sending Birthday cards to all members on their Birthday.

c.         We have introduced visit to the admitted members at CMH with a Get Well Soon Card and a fruit basket.

d.         We have taken steps to arrange placement for job seeking retired military officers in various corporate/business organization. RAOWA is maintaining a CV bank as per expertise and preferred job.

e.         We are organizing regular inter-action with general members through ‘Meet and Greet’ program to get ideas and suggestions from the members.

f.          Members Support Center (MSC) has been established to provide visa assistance, university admission assistance, station headquarters vehicle sticker  assistance etc at the premises of RAOWA secretariat.

g.         We have formed RAOWA Research and Study Forum (RRSF) in old RAOWA building to research and analyze various aspects of national and international issues. Learned members of RAOWA are participating to run this forum.

h.         RAOWA magazine ‘The Mirror’ has been renamed as “The RAOWA Mirror” as it reflects the name of RAOWA.

j.          We have undertaken philanthropic activities such as ‘Winter Cloth’ distribution in remote place of Sirajganj, ‘Free Medical Camp’ in Lalmonirhat. Planning to construct Sanitary Latrine for the poor people in the remote villages, repair of School and Madarasa in the remote villages, construct/repair houses of poor villagers.

k.         We have planned to extend assistance to the lonely members. List of lonely members are prepared and update is taking place regularly.

l.          Art and Cultural Forum has been formulated. Members/family members who are performers/practitioners in various fields of art and culture, their data has been prepared.

m.        We are planning to coordinate help support in the airport for all members to give assistance for incoming and outgoing members in the airport through a professional service provider.

n.         Pool of sector wise expert member such as Entrepreneur, Doctors, Bankers, Lawyer’s etc has been created to sought their assistance as and when required for the overall development of RAOWA, its CSR and for nation building activities.

p.         Children’s Forum has been launched which will help to develop children’s

knowledge, skill and creativity to become worthy citizens of Bangladesh.

q.         We plan to establish medical and dental unit at the premises of RAOWA for the treatment of our members.

3.         I shall be very much obliged to you all if you suggest your valuable views, opinions and suggestions through any means to me for the development of RAOWA.