Dear Mems,

Svcs from Members Support Centre RAOWA. Passport renewal svc for mems and family available wef 15 May 19. Mems needing support are req to contact 01709322461/RAOWA SECTT. Details are attached herewith. 

Secretary General, RAOWA

Dear Members,

RAOWA activated Members Support Centre (MSC) at level 3. Services (on reasonable payment) available are processing visa application, passport form, cantt sticker, BCS exam form and secretarial support on Saturday and Wednesday 3pm to 6pm. Members needing support are requested to give requisition at 01882180356 on Thursday and Tuesday every week. Details of charges are attached.

Secretary General, RAOWA

Details of Charges
Country Charge (BDT) Details of Work
USA 900 Online application fill up, submission & appointment date confirmation
UK 800
Canada 400.00
Australia 400.00
Schengen 400.00
India 100.00 Online application fill up, submission & printed form handover to the applicant
China 100.00
Turkey 400.00
Others Charge (BDT)
Passport 100.00
USA Passport 400.00
BCS 100.00
Cantonment Sticker 150.00
* Other countries - will be arranged soon.