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Welcome to RAOWA Library. It is a great honor to have an opportunity to serve you with our quality information resources and services. It is a citadel that supports learning, teaching, and research activities. With a variety of knowledge and information resources, facilities, and latest information and communication technologies available in this library, you should find all your need to expand your knowledge, skills and performance. In addition, the RAOWA library offers thousands of  books, journals, magazines, newspapers, legal documents and many more useful books.

We hope that you will be able to fully utilize our resources and services. We are ready to help you and make your library use more productive. RAOWA Library is situated at 4th floor of RAOWA Convention Hall. Do not hesitate to contact us personally, through telephone or via email (raowalibrary2017@gmail.com). We always remain at your service.


Thank you immensely for using RAOWA libraries.


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Md. Ramjan Ali