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We are deeply shocked at the demise of RAOWA member No-0762 Lt Col Muhammad Waliullah (71) ex Arty (8 WC) on 10 October 2018 at 0745 hrs at CMH Dhaka (Inna lillahi……..rajiun). His Namaje Janaja was held on 10 October 2018 after Asar prayer at Mohakhali DOHS Mosque and was buried at Army Graveyard on the same day. May his departed soul rest in eternal peace. 


Mournful Members, Officers and Employees of RAOWA.



After the liberation of the country there was a mass retire¬ment of the Armed Forces Officers. In a new country having limited scope the newly retired officers were passing their days in great hardship. To ameliorate their problems some energetic officers decided to form an Association of Retired Officers and from that platform to move the appropriate authorities to rehabilitate them in suitable places. These officers are those who first dreamt about the present RAOWA.
During the mid sixties an organisation in the name of Defence Officers’ Retired Association with its abbreviated name DORA was formed under the Chairmanship of Late Maj Gen Abdul Majid. Late Gen Osmany was also associated with that organisation. Subsequently during the early seventies, the body was reorganised under the new Chairmanship of Late Commodore Rashid. This body was being represented by a handfull of Retired Officers and the vast majority of Retired Officers did not have any knowledge about the existence of this Association. During 1974 when the newly Retired Officers, speci¬ally from the Army, were in great economic hardship we, a few officers formed a Welfare Association of Retired Officers in the name of Ex-Defence Officers’ association, with its abbreviated name ‘EDA’. Lt Col. Hesamuddin Ahmed was the Chairman of that organisation. Since, this was a very new and small body with around a dozen members, our’ activities remained limited. Subsequently I personally arranged a meeting at the Plaza Restaurant. Major Hafizur Rahman accepted our request to chair the meeting. In that meeting we adopted a resolution to request the authorities to employ all the able bodided Retired Officers in the Police and the Civil Service. The resolution was handed over to Lt Col Hesamuddin Ahmed and Major ARM Fazlul Bari, the Chairman and the Secretary General of EDA. They carried the same and handed over to the then Dy Chief of Army Staff Maj General H.M. Ershad and the Adjutant General Major Gen Nurul Islam and apprised them about the sentiments of the Retired Officers. Maj Gen Nurul Islam took an active role to rehavilitate the Retired Officers and ulti¬mately 21 Officers were absorbed in the Police and about simi¬lar numbers were absorbed in the Civil Service.
To give EDA a bigger shape we arranged a meeting at the local Dhaka Club and invited all the Retired Officers of the three services to attend the same. While the meeting was in progress some members of the earlier mentioned DORA informed about the existence of DORA. On their request and for the greater interest of the Retired officers EDA was merged with DORA and we started re-organising the same. A long time passed but we could not show any progress due to some unusual and indifferent attitude of a few office bearers of DORA. Finally for the interest of the Retired Officers, specially for those from the Army, whose sufferings were more than others, firstly, due to their mass retirement from service and secondly, due to their mass retirement from service, we seven officers namely Col SM Reza, Lt Col QAFMA Raquib,
Lt Col Hesamuddin Abmed, Major AKM Fazlul Bari, Maj Qazi Sharif Uddin Ahmed, Maj Anwarul Haq and Capt. M .A. Hakim, Retd again assembled at Plaza Restaurant under the convenorship of Col. SM Reza and decided to quit from DORA suet form an Association in the name of Retired Army Officers’ Welfare Association’ with its abbreviated name RAOWA. Lt Gen Khwaza Wasiuddin became the First Chairman of this new Association. During his Chairmanship Lt. Col. Q.A.F.M.A. Raquib, on the request of the Executive Committee drafted a constitu¬tion for this now organisation. A Special General meeting was held on the 18th June, 1982 at Plaza Restaurant and the cons¬titution after a threadbare discussions was approved. Sub-sequently the same was printed in the form of a booklet. Since RAOWA did not have any place to sit for carrying out regular activities, I being the founder Secretary General spared my rented Motijheel Amin Court Office for rent free use of the Association. The office remained there for a total of 14 years. The name ‘RAOWA was offered by Maj AKM Akhteruzzaman.
In that Special General Meeting Maj Gen M Khalil ur Rahman, was elected as new Chairman, since, Lt Gen Khwaza Wasiuddin was scheduled to go abroad for taking up a diplomatic job. On 2nd July, 1982 the outgoing Chairman was bid a farewell at Dhaka Club in which among others the Chiefs of all the three services were invited and the Chiefs of the Army and the Navy were made the Patron-in-Chief and Patron of the Association respectively. The Chief of Air Staff was not present on the occasion, so, it was decided that he would be requested later to become a patron of this Association.
We observed that in the past due to lack of a permanent accommodation all the previous Association died down. So, for the survival of this Association our main aim was to arrange a suitable land for building a permanent accommodation. Accordingly we formed a Sub-Committee to find out suitable land for obtaining allotment from the Govt. In response to our pursuation the Army Authorities firstly advised us to take over the Community Center of DOHS and after converting the some into a suitable ins¬titution, allow the residents of DOHS to avail of the facilities. This offer was rejected by the members of the Executive Committee. Finally we asked for a plot located in between DGDP Office and the Hotel peacock in Mohakhali Area. While discussing about its transfer we were again offered an alternative plot located in between Philips and the Golden Dragon Restaurant in the same Mohakhali Area. Between those two plots offered to us we prefered to have the one between the Golden Drogon and the Philips, in view of its larger frontage, less depth and two road connections.
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