Dec 18
Saturday at 09:00 am

Helmet Hall (Level-2) at RAOWA Complex

39th AGM of RAOWA held on 18 Dec 2021, Saturday.

Program:  Registration & Snacks-0900-0930 hrs, AGM-0930-1330 hrs, Prayer Break 1331-1400 hrs, Lunch-1401-1500 hrs. You all are requested to attend pl. 


Address By The Chairman

1.         Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Respected Members, Ladies and Gentlemen, Assalamualikum and very good morning. I, Maj Gen Alauddin M A Wadud, BP, ndc, psc (Retd), Chairman RAOWA, feel great honor and privileged to speak before you all on behalf of the Executive Committee on the occasion of the 39thAnnual General Meeting. This is the month of Victory when we are celebrating birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation and golden jubilee of our independence. We solemnly remember those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country. We respectfully remember those founder members who took all the pain in forming RAOWA. Many of them already left the world and we pray for the salvation of the departed souls. We also pray for the departed souls of those members and families who are not with us anymore. 


2.         We took over responsibility of RAOWA in the month of April 2021. I believe we dished out, to all of you, our legal framework vision and objectives or goal. One of the goals was to foster a good relationship, share ideas, thoughts  between members of RAOWA and potential members, means those in Svc or in decision making chain, in the coming days. Whatever decisions, today’s decision maker will take for the benefits of RAOWA, means actually, they are sowing the seeds for the benefit of future members, too. We all the retired Community come from a common professional background and environment. We learned, were trained, practiced disciplines, respecting seniors and at the end of the day affectionately dealing with juniors, and also owning them. Let us not forget these rich cultures of ours and continue practicing it. We are all first class gazetted, trained, discipline community. Other discipline folks draw lesson from us. Let’s not forget this. We inherited this by joining our respective services. It was our choice. And I am sure we all are, proud of it.  Please remember, decision making process takes time. We are quite hopeful that, soon we shall see positive outcome.


3.         RAOWA primarily serves as the cultural, recreational and welfare focal needs of the retired Military officers and their families. It was created as second home where members could socialize, play and dine in the style reminding them of their culture that they so dearly cherished. Of course, it has undergone evolution through the passage of time and welfare also became a necessity. Respected Members, our founding members established RAOWA to act as common platform of amity and fraternity of retired military officers. Our current membership stands at 4721.  I feel that we have ample of opportunity to do many good works, but it requires our concerted efforts.  We need to create an environment of stability and harmony amongst us. We must be open and accommodative for the overall development of RAOWA.  Process for the new building construction is on. Our long awaiting desire to have Retiring Lodge, shall be implemented once new building is constructed. There will be 30 to 40 Studio/Suit of 750 sqft size to be rented as Retiring Lodge. We shall put in all efforts to draw a balance between the expectations of all members and the concerns of the authority. InshaAllah RAOWA shall soon find itself on the process of our expectations. 


4.         We shall try to create an environment of knowledge and experience sharing between the serving and retired officers and their families for mutual benefits. Veterans must get proper place in the society with dignity and honour.  We follow the RAOWA Constitution, Bye Laws and SOP adopted under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 and the Cantonment Act 2018, in performing our individual and collective responsibilities. Various clubs in our country are made by Companies Act 1994. RAOWA as an Association is different than a Club, its activities and arena are much wider than a club. We shall try to bring all members of RAOWA in same frame of minds and continue ongoing socioeconomic and socio-cultural welfare projects and entertainment activities carried out by the able predecessors.



5.         The present EC appreciates and acknowledges the efforts of previous EC to enhance the legal process for the justice and fair and speedy trial of Shaheed Major Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan (Retd)’s gruesome murder. The present EC shall pursue the legal process through appropriate authority to expedite the judicial outcome.  We shall continue pursuing MoD for “One Rank One Pension" concept so that the rates of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners irrespective of the dates of retirement. We shall empower RAOWA Research and Study Forum, Writers’ Forum, Entrepreneurs’ Forum in creating employment scopes in collaboration with education institutes and corporate bodies.  We are on a process to procure land at AHS Jolshiri for RAOWA’s future expansion like University, Training Institutes and also plan to utilize RAOWA’s procured land at Cox Bazar Inani beach. We explore ways and means to help respectfully the very senior RAOWA members and their families financially and morally to overcome geriatric problems, isolation, depression and social issues. We remain in contact with appropriate authorities for optimizing medical support facilities, children and grand children education aid, amenities, etc.  


6.         We are all Veterans retired officers. Veterans can add value to the society with their long experience and expertise. Respected Members, I feel proud for having a dynamic EC who are dedicated to the cause of RAOWA. The Ladies and Children Affairs Sub-Committee for example organized number of events successfully and planning the same for future. I convey my gratitude to all members of the sub-committees and all respected members of RAOWA for their continuous support. The Annual report will be presented by the Secretary General. He will be followed by the Treasurer with details of accounts, budget and then we shall move on to the other items of agenda. Before I conclude, let me express again my deep appreciation for your continued support and understanding. May I request all of you to have a round of applauses as recognition of their valuable services to all the members of RAOWA. 


Allah Hafez

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