Death Report Freedom Fighter(Offr):

Death Report Freedom Fighter(Offr): Assalamualaikum Sir,  Col (Retd) Shawkat Ali , 83 yrs, FF, Ex Ordnance, Ex Deputy Speaker of the Parliament. He was admitted  in CMH Dhaka on 19  Oct 2020 and expired on 16 0935 Nov 2020. Dx: COVID-19 Pneumonia, Covid 19- Test Negative.  Address: Vallage-Naria, Post office-Naria, Thana-Naria, District-Shariatpur . NOK: Son- 01755577589 /01713060775 /01737830412 01769012046-Maj Monir. His dead body will be taken to Shaheed Minar at 1530 hrs today for paying homage by the general  people, Afterwards,  his Namaz e Janaza will take place at Baitul Mokarram Ntl Mosque  after Asar prayer. Then dead body will be preserved at Dhaka, CMH mortuary. Deceased dead body will be tn from Dhaka to Shariatpur by hel( as came to know from his family that HPM has given her kind consent for hel tn)  tomorrow. Area HQ Savar is req to arng state funeral at deceased home adds tomorrow fol appr health safety instr and corona protocol. Sir,  for your kind info Pl With Profound Regards.

Posted on 16-11-2020