Chairman’s Message

Lt Gen Anwar Hussain, SBP, BGBM, ndc, psc (Retd)

Chairman, RAOWA


RAOWA primarily serves as the cultural, recreational and welfare focal needs of the retired Military officers and their families. It was created as second home where members could socialize, play and dine in the style reminding them of their culture that they so dearly cherished. Of course, it has undergone evolution through the passage of time and welfare also became a necessity.

We took over Executive Committee of RAOWA on a very special circumstance. We have agreed to take over the responsibilities of RAOWA for the overall benefits of this prestigious institution.

Any stalemate may have pushed the authority back to the wall and may have forced them to take drastic decision within the legal limits. None of us wanted this outcome. As such the present EC to save our image and institution have come forward.

We shall put in all efforts to draw a balance between the expectations of all members and the concerns of the authority. George Bernard Shaw once said – “Those who cannot change their minds (to adapt to changed circumstances), cannot change anything”. We have to be flexible, accommodative and adapt to the overall situation and expectations. InshaAllah RAOWA shall soon find itself on the process of our expectations. Combined efforts, mutual respect and flexibility of our mindset can achieve that.

Keeping the above perception and situation in perspective we have outlined our priorities. We seek all of your blessings to serve you all at prestigious RAOWA with best of our efforts.


To make RAOWA our second home; congenial and conducive, apolitical and non-partisan, rewarding in terms of welfare and mental happiness, for all retired armed forces officers and their families. Create an environment of knowledge and experience sharing between the serving and retired officers& their families for mutual benefits.

Legal Framework

We follow the RAOWA Constitution, Bye Laws and SOP adopted under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 and the Cantonment Act 2018, in performing our individual and collective responsibilities.




1. Bring all members of RAOWA in same frame of minds and continue ongoing socioeconomic and socio-cultural welfare projects and entertainment activities carried out by the able predecessors.

2. Create congenial, mutual respect atmosphere for everyone’s participation, maintaining military traditions and customs and extending RAOWA activities beyond Dhaka to other DOHSs and Cantonments partnering with relevant stakeholders.

3. The present EC appreciates and acknowledges the efforts of previous EC to enhance the legal process for the justice and fair and speedy trial of Shaheed Major Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan (Retd)’s gruesome murder. The present EC shall pursue the legal process through appropriate authority to expedite the judicial outcome.

4. Maintain liaison with three (3) Services HQs for reintroducing ration items in subsidized rates to retired armed forces officers and their families instead of providing money as ration allowance. 

5. Continue pursuing MoD for “One Rank One Pension" concept so that the rates of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners irrespective of the dates of retirement. We shall try to gain the full support and influence of our Chief Patron.

6. Make requests to authorities for enhancing health service support in CMHs for retired armed forces officers and their family members especially the dental service support.

7.Empower RAOWA Research and Study Forum, Writers’ Forum, Entrepreneurs’ Forum in creating employment scopes in collaboration with education institutes and corporate bodies.

8. Increase home delivery goods and service support like medicines, catering, bakery, cleaning, laundry, saloon, repairs, etc to RAOWA members following online business platforms. 

9. Procure land at AHS Jolshiri for RAOWA’s future expansion like University and Training Institutes, and also plan utilizing RAOWA’sprocured land at Cox Bazar Inani beach.

10. Explore ways and means to help respectfully the very senior RAOWA members and their families financially and morally to overcome geriatric problems, isolation or any depression and social issues.

11. Sooner than later, start the process of holding EGM, allow members to put up their views.

Let us not forget what Albert Einstein said – “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change oneself (to changed situation).”

May almighty Allah the all knowing bless us All. Aameen.


Lt Gen Anwar Hussain, SBP, BGBM, ndc, psc (Retd)

Chairman, RAOWA


  Address:   VIP Road, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206
  Phone:   02-55058363-6 & Cell: 01711054344

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